the fact that people are like “Coca Cola supports racial equality, I’m not going to be drinking Coca Cola anymore” and “Google supports gay rights I’m not going to use them anymore” like what next “the Earth provides Oxygen to ethnic minorities I’m going to stop breathing in protest”


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"I like to think
that bottom is not rock,
but actually rubber.
When I fall,
I come right back up."

Michelle K., Optimism. (via michellekpoems)

"If none of this
makes you
sick to your stomach
doubled over
then you are not paying attention.
Open your eyes."

Michelle K., The Media. (via michellekpoems)

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"This is all I want, a little ocean front beach house, with a hammock where I can cuddle with my husband and take naps with my children. Where I would never miss a sunset because even if I’m busy I could just lift my head up and watch in wonder. I don’t need a mansion, shoot I don’t need a lot of land, I’ll share the nature! Shoot if a tourist wants to enjoy the sand in front of my house while wearing sandals and socks, I’ll let him, they’ll just have to put up with me asking their whole life stories and not taking no for an answer when I invite them to have lunch with us. I just want to be able to have a cup of coffee on my porch and listen to the waves roll in and instead of procrastinating by watching tv I want to take a long walk on the beach. I don’t need a million dollars, I would rather be paid in laughter, ocean swims, cool summer breezes, late night strolls, sandy feet, dolphin sightings, and sun rays. And world, I’m sorry, but this is not too much to ask~"

Olga Sergeyev || raysofthesun  (via raysofthesun)

Not typically one for sappy fantasy quotes, but damn.

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"Take a shower,
Wash away the bad thoughts,
Cleanse your body,
Put on some relaxing music,
Get in to bed,

— You’ll be okay (via purehfied)

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